Monday, October 1, 2012

Back from the Vet

Well after sitting there for well over an hour after our appt, the doc took 5 min to look at Titan, gave him 5 shots and said just feed him more. His heart-worm test came back negative so that was great news. My man did so well, didn't flinch at the shots nor did he act up in the waiting room. Even when there was a Labrador jumping all over. He did scare the kittens they had out front. He said hi and they said wtf is that?! haha he was just happy to see them. (silly dog loves kitties) So now off to go buy some more dog food and a new toy for him doing so well. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vet trip

Well tomorrow (monday) is a big day for Titan, he finally gets to go to the vet for his first check-up sense he's been with us. I'm worried and excited at the same time. I'll let everyone know how it goes tomorrow.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Our first outing as well as some great news.

Well the day has finally arrived, the day when he ignored his abuser to listen and hold command for me. I could have never been more proud, then the 4th of July hit. 
I decided to take him to the local parade and see how he did, with people and sirens and what have you. Well let me say this, he took on 3 kids at once! 3 little kids, about 6 years old came crowding around him. He’s never been around children let alone more than one new person at a time. He took it like a champ. He sat down nice a calmly while all the kids were petting his nose and face. Here again, I thought I couldn’t have been more proud. The parade started and the service men walked by, they shot off a blank round right in front of us. Titan didn’t care one bit, though he did enjoy watching the military fly-by. So after that the line of fire trucks went by. Lucky for us they liked Titan and his holiday bandanna. They were nice enough to not blast their horns in front of us. One of the wives even took a picture of him. (I’m trying to find it!) The rest of the event went by great. People ran by and threw candy. None of it phased him at all. His favorite part was when all the ladies came swarming around him. He hammed it up. I’m so very proud of him.
We also recently got a new kitten that we are fostering. (Hence why it took me so long of this.) She is only 4 weeks old and all skin and bones. Titan and her get along great! He’s calmed down a lot sense she came home.
Thanks for all your support!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bath day!

Oh joy, everyone's favorite day. Bath day. Thank the gods I had my fiancee here to help today. The fun part about todays bath was we tired an oatmeal bath. Basically I coated him in an oatmeal mixture. It included oatmeal, aloe vera, tee, and some sage. It smelled good. We will see what happens in a few days after his coat normally starts to dandruff.

The easiest way to give him a bath is to just strip down and jump in with him. We have one of those standing shower stalls. Him being the dork that he is, he kept trying to eat the oatmeal. For once a dog not caring about the water. Well anyway while he was trying to eat the mixture he kept popping the shower door open. The first time he did it he raced out. Of course leaving a trail of oatmeal all over the bathroom. It was so funny. Now that the excitement is over it's time for a nap for us both.

Thanks for all your support.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So Much Fun

I know it's been a little while sense I've updated this, thats because we are having such a good time playing!

I've finally got Titan bringing his toy back to play fetch. He's also now getting a lot more freedom around the house. Well that is until his fat head hits the table spilling water all over. Poor boy flew through the house into his kennel. It took him 2 days to stop pouting. I'm so very proud of all his progress.

Because of the heat we have been having here, (3days in a row in the 90's!!!!) Training has really been on hold. But, he's also finally starting to not inhale his food. Great job Titan. I also need a way to make him fat. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all your support!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today was a big step and it almost made me cry. For the first time sense having Titan, I got kisses! Just a quick little lick on my nose but kisses none the less. It's a good day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Look how Handsome!

Well now, after all this work and after a bath and another long fight, I managed to get some quick pics of the good looking dober-man! Look at that beautiful shine on his coat! I really just can't believe it!

Here you can see him (don't mind all that art clutter in the background! lol) and his coat. You cal also see that mass on his chest. Currently that is just an empty sack like flap of skin. When we got him that was filled. (with what I don't know)

Thanks for all your support!