Monday, July 9, 2012

Our first outing as well as some great news.

Well the day has finally arrived, the day when he ignored his abuser to listen and hold command for me. I could have never been more proud, then the 4th of July hit. 
I decided to take him to the local parade and see how he did, with people and sirens and what have you. Well let me say this, he took on 3 kids at once! 3 little kids, about 6 years old came crowding around him. He’s never been around children let alone more than one new person at a time. He took it like a champ. He sat down nice a calmly while all the kids were petting his nose and face. Here again, I thought I couldn’t have been more proud. The parade started and the service men walked by, they shot off a blank round right in front of us. Titan didn’t care one bit, though he did enjoy watching the military fly-by. So after that the line of fire trucks went by. Lucky for us they liked Titan and his holiday bandanna. They were nice enough to not blast their horns in front of us. One of the wives even took a picture of him. (I’m trying to find it!) The rest of the event went by great. People ran by and threw candy. None of it phased him at all. His favorite part was when all the ladies came swarming around him. He hammed it up. I’m so very proud of him.
We also recently got a new kitten that we are fostering. (Hence why it took me so long of this.) She is only 4 weeks old and all skin and bones. Titan and her get along great! He’s calmed down a lot sense she came home.
Thanks for all your support!

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