Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Progress, the Good and the Bad

Well let's start with the bad parts. Yesterday I let him out for his night time potty break and let him off leash like normal. He just runs out, pees, then comes charging back. Well this time he decided to take off and chase the geese that have taken up residents in our neighbors yard. I yelled and he ignored me. So we took the long way and I had to correct him back over every step he took. He knew he did wrong when I finally got to him, so at least thats some progress. So he is now grounded for a few days. Now onto the good news. During his training today I decided to start his off leash work, as well as a stand command. The stand command is confusing the daylights out of him so we will keep working on it. His off leash went amazingly. Even with the geese in the next yard. I am so proud of him. We will keep working and one of these days I'll convince my fiancee to come take some pics of him working. It's hard to do both at once. haha.

Thanks for all your support!

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