Monday, February 6, 2012

The Rescue

This is where the story begins, the saddest thing is, this is no story. It's the truth about how a neglected dog gets another chance at a normal life. I am his trainer, his savior, I will be his voice to you. There might be some dark times but we will strive through this together. I will support him so that he will be able to trust people again. Let his story inspire and uplift others.

Titan started out as any other puppy would have, active and happy. Food was plenty and play time came even more often. Then something strange happened, he started growing up. He's a Doberman Pinscher, and let this not lead you astray about the kind heart he has. He soon reached a large size, nearing 75 pounds. His energy level was to much, and it was soon easier to keep him in his kennel more and more. The something even worse happened, mommy got sick. Titan soon spent more and more time in his kennel soon it became his only spot. He was cramped and alone. With nothing better to do he curled up until his spine was arched and bent. He licked his skin until there were bald patches, chewed his nub to the bone. a massive sore formed on his chest. He hurt and had no one to turn to. His stool soon became runny and his owner didn't feed him to try and clear it up. I don't blame him for that, you wouldn't want to eat on an upset tummy right? His weight soon dropped to well under what it was, his ribs and hips were showing, he needed help and soon.

One day a girl decided to stand up to his owner. She is weak of body and strong of heart and spirit. She was abused as a child. Locked in a closet herself. She couldn't handle him going through the same thing she did. She voiced her opinion and Titan's owner threw a child's fit. He yelled and insulted her, then happily threw the dog at her, saying 'If you think you can do better then fine, here, he's yours.' So now with her being weak she turned to me, her fiancee, and long time dog handler. Growing up my father was a dog trainer and I worked with him from the time I was little. At the age of 8 I had a 140 pound Rottweiler under my control. I have friends with vet experience as well, it seemed he fell into the right hands now.

After looking him over and talking to some friends we planned out a health regiment for him. We started on addressing the runny stool. We changed his food and it helped. We also noticed fast movements made him cower, so I am suspecting that he has been hit at some point or another. From a trainer's point of view he is a good dog, not well mannered but good. Because of the past if he is out of his kennel for long he doesn't know what to do with himself, and messes in the house. That along with manners will keep us both busy for a bit.

He's not dumb by any means, at one point he was out eating and I decided to joke around with a friend playfully hitting her leg, Titian became very upset to the point of grabbing my hand with his mouth. As if to say that this behavior was not allowed. I didn't teach him that, and knowing he came to me without even knowing sit, I don't think his last owner taught him. So this is his humble beginning.

Up to the current date I wasn't sure where this would go if anything would even some of my work with him. It has. I am so proud of the progress he has made. After having him for just 3 months we have his spine straight again as well as most of the bald patches clearing up nicely. His weight is improving, you can no longer see his ribs or hips.

His training started last week (beginning of Feb) and with just a few short days he has learned a sit, heel, and wait command. Along with his manners of not jumping as well as walking in the house.

Sadly I don't have pictures from the start, it might be for the better, they were not to pretty. I will be posting some as we go. I hope you will stay with us as we go through Titan's Trial with him, with me.

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