Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Whole New World

Well yesterday he had a nice oatmeal bath (thanks Pupperelli!) and for the day his dandruff was gone and he was looking all handsome. The next day he was back to the dry skin. I'm just glad he's not all grimy.

Today was a big day for him, his first play date. We went over to a friend of mine's house and visited for the day. The two didn't quite get a long perfectly but nothing bad happened. So it was a success! I was so proud of my little (well big) nubs. I finally got to try out my Bamboo(R) leash! It's one that buckles into a seat belt. Check them out here, leash. I highly recommend them if you travel a lot with your pet. It kept his head mostly in the car, letting him get his car ride fix, but it also kept him out of me and my finance's  lap, keeping us all safe. 

On our car ride there we were stopped at a light and there were some guys at a car mechanic shop on the corner. Apparently one of them took a step toward our car, Titan started barking and not his normal happy bark. He at least sounded vicious. Even if his tail was going 90 miles a min. haha 

We got to my friends house and let the dogs introduce them to each other. Then we tried to calm them with a little walk. That didn't work to well. Finally we gave in and let them run in her back yard. Poor little Elli was so scared of Titan. He was twice her size though. He was having a ball running around the yard grabbing his toys and running about. Poor Elli just stood there watching him. He's such a moose. 

Once the little puppies were tired we went inside to play a card game called Munchkins. It was really a fun game. The nice thing was Titan laid on a sheet we brought with us. He was a good boy for about 2 hours! He just stayed right next to me. Either laying down or standing with his head in my lap. He was so into trying to help us play. On our way out to the car a woman walking 2 small dogs walked by. They were pulling her, Elli went toward them, and Titan just stood there nice and calm. The big bad doberman was the most well behaved. I was so shocked at his progress!

 Titan did very well on his car rides. We decided he did so well he needed a treat. We stopped at McDonalds and got some chicken nuggets for him. As well pulled up to the first window, where they take your money, and he started barking at the poor man who was standing there. Then we pulled up and the woman at the second window gave us our food and drinks then noticed Titan in the car. She half panicked, he scared her. It was so funny.


  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog today!

    We look forward to following your adventures with Titan. Thank you for giving him a great home after a rough start. Kudos to your fiance for rescuing him!

    1. Thanks for following and supporting us! Also thank you for the coat info, it's not really that cold and he's had it even in nice weather. I sadly didn't start his blog until a few months after I got him. I wasn't sure where it was going to go. We are right now trying raw eggs 3 -5 times a week and fish oil. I've had good luck with the fish oil before. ^^

  2. Thanks for stopping by today! I am your lastest follower now, and eagerly await to hear your adventures.

    I love it when a dog that didn't have a lot of hope is given ... well... hope. And a chance.