Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lesson 3, Lay Down

Sadly this command is taking longer than his other commands. It's kind of cute to watch him look at the ground then back up at me. When I go to correct him he drops. Just like a child, he'll push you until you decide to follow through. He seems to be in this forever puppy state of mind, I hope he grows out of it. He does truly try to be a good boy.

He went for another car ride, me and my fiance went to return some movies. (part one and two of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) My fiance jumped out to drop the movies off and poor Titan started crying and screaming in my ear. That sad dobie scream. My fiance never left his site but oh dear the world was ending to him. It was so cute. As she was re-entering the car a man with his son, Titan decided he had to protect his car, and started barking. Silly boy. After that we decided to go to a super market on the way home to get a redbox movie (free rental code!) We parked out in the middle of the lot and we could hear him at the door. Everyone was looking around because he echoed so much. We laughed the entire way to the car.

We have been trying to give him more and more time out of his kennel and so far he's doing well. He seems to get bored to easy and then decides he needs to go back to his room. (kennel) I call it his room, because it sounds a lot nicer. It's his safe place and comfort zone. You see him hear laying on an over-sized bed that he really isn't fond of. I will have to get him a new one some day. You can also see some of the kitty toys in the back.

With his diet we have added a raw egg every other day and also with his evening meal I am trying a new can food we found at a recent adventure
to PetSmart. It's a brand called Simply Nourish. We are trying the Chicken & Beef Stew. Food. For one it looks incredibly good. With actual pieces of chicken and veggies! It also comes with it's own cover to store it! We are adding that as a supplemental as well with his dinner. He really seams to love it. Also Anya has been eating out of his bowl to eat it! We will see how that goes.

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