Saturday, March 10, 2012

What A Good Dog

I can't believe he did it but he finally did. After months of work I was able to have him out of his kennel while doing house work. It was AMAZING to say the least. We started in the kitchen and I just told him to lay down, no command or anything, just asking him to be good. I also handed him a Dentabone. Once he was done crunching away on that, eating it in about 3 min or less, he just laid down on the floor. He watched me sweep, while Anya was watching him from the dining room chair. Then I moved to the hall and bathroom and he just ploped his nubbin down and watched. When we got to the living room we hit a snag, there were people, my fiancee and brother, he just got him self so excited. I got him his antler to chew on and he just laid down on his bed. Oh how he despises that bed, but he still did so good. I'm so proud of his progress.

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